*COMING SOON* Five Steps Ahead (Dark Shadows, Book 1)

Five Steps Ahead by Samantha Baca

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five “loved it” stars!

Coming in August 2020 from author Samantha Baca- her newest romantic suspense: Five Steps Ahead!

Heart-pounding. Intense. Thrilling.

This romantic suspense kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I couldn’t put it down. I fought sleep to keep reading it, and woke up sleeping on top of my dead phone (true story). I had to know what would happen next. There were no lulls, no slow parts- the pacing was on-point to keep me interested, but not exhausted.

The layout of the book was genius, the first chapter featuring a scene much later in the book, then moving into the period leading up to that scene. Each chapter had a countdown to what I had already been told (via chapter one) would happen, and it was a masterful way to build the tension.

No fluff, no unnecessary scenes- each scene served a purpose, and moved the story along. It makes a book far more satisfying when the writing is tight. There was never an urge to skim any pages.

The chemistry between Max and Hannah was palpable. It probably helped that he was ten years older than her, and a detective (hello, age-gap with a man in a position of authority). Swoon.

I was also swooning a bit for Max’s friend Trevor… here’s hoping he gets a book, too. I’d be all over it!

I love that the author included some chapters from the villain’s POV. It adds that extra bit of terror, especially when he is unraveling and having crazy thoughts. It is clear by the end that there is something profoundly wrong with the villain- he is not just evil, but legitimately insane. As we all know, you can’t reason with crazy- you can just avoid it. But, what happens when you can’t avoid it because it is stalking you? Guess you’ll need to read Five Steps Ahead to find out.

Recommended for fans of romantic suspense!

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Roses are red. Violets are blue. You don’t see me. But I’m watching you.

Hannah Anderson gave up her adolescence to care for her ailing father, so when she gets to attend NYU, she’s eager to experience everything the city has to offer. But when an online date ends with her drugged and unconscious, and mysterious notes start appearing in her apartment, freedom no longer seems like all it’s cracked up to be.

Detective Max Romano has had more than his share of heartache. Serving and protecting is his life and leaves no time for romance. When his sister goes missing after meeting a guy from the same dating app, he’s hellbent on keeping Hannah from becoming the next victim.

Now in cramped quarters, Max is up close and personal with all the reasons he can’t get involved with Hannah. But their chemistry is combustible. Giving in to their attraction is inevitable, but letting their guard down could prove fatal as the stalker is always five steps ahead.

Published by Amanda Marie

Compulsive reader. Romantic suspense/contemporary romance/dark romance/NA romance addict. Particularly fond of mafia, forced/arranged marriage, secret baby, kidnapping, and dark alpha heroes. Just out here doing my part for humanity- these books won't read themselves.

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