Punish (Protect, #1)

Punish by Olivia Ryann

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now we’re talking!

Yes! I needed this!
I really liked this book and its prequel, and can’t wait to dive in to the next book in this series. Head’s up- this one ends in a cliffhanger.
I enjoyed the growth of the relationship between the two main characters, but I did think the progression of Rue’s comfort level with Dryas seemed a bit quick. She sped right from terrified to accepting physical contact. Zero to a hundred, real quick. That said, it lent some realism for me that Rue experienced shame after encounters with Dryas. After the brainwashing she experienced in her youth that only makes sense.
This was a quick read in that I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to see where this story takes us! Have we seen the last of Father Derrik and the prince? I hope not, because they deserve some karma. Like, maybe a high-five. To the face. With a chair.
Also, what happens with Rue’s sister? Does Rue get un-brainwashed? Does Dryas get his revenge? Does Rue?
I need answers! Off I go to get them!

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A dark tale of obsession, beauty, and lust! Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon Bestseller Vivian Wood writes dark romance as OLIVIA RYANN.
Stolen and abducted… yet in the same stroke, saved.On one hand, I escaped certain death at the hands of people who have already hurt me.On the other, now I’m trapped with him.The rival of my abuser, who is every bit as terrifying. Dark and sinfully handsome, he wants me.He wants me to turn my back on the religion that has raised me.He wants me to spread my legs for him and him alone.He wants to punish me. He wants to teach me to like his lessons.Or else he’ll kill my little sister and turn me over to the men who controlled me before.Either way, I will have to make sacrifices. Sacrifices that have lasting consequences.I walk on the knife’s edge between falling prey again and completely losing myself.And if I’m not careful, I may end up worse than dead…Reading Order:Provoke (Protect Series FREE Prequel)Punish (Protect Series Book 1)Possess (Protect Series Book 2)Protect (Protect Series Book 3)

Published by Amanda Marie

Compulsive reader. Romantic suspense/contemporary romance/dark romance/NA romance addict. Particularly fond of mafia, forced/arranged marriage, secret baby, kidnapping, and dark alpha heroes. Just out here doing my part for humanity- these books won't read themselves.

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