Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles, #1)

Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles, #1)

Close Liaisons by Anna Zaires

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Let’s start with this: this is not my normal genre (meaning paranormal and/or extraterrestrial and/or fantasy). At all. I only read this because I am a die-hard Anna Zaires fan. As such I went in skeptical, but came out pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed a romance book about… an alien. My cheeks are flushed with nerdy embarrassment, honestly.
I could tell the difference between this book and her more recent books (the latter being a bit more polished), but this was still heads and tails above a lot of what is out there.
I liked the twist. I liked the crazy technology the main character uses. I liked the way he effectively does the modern-day caveman equivalent of knocking Mia over the head and dragging her back to his cave. This is especially ironic given he is supposed to be evolved and intelligent. But then he’s in the park and he’s all “me want… me take.” What an interesting turn of events.
I do so love a possessive alpha main character, and Zaires delivers that in this book. Okay, the subject matter (him being an alien) was a bit much for me to swallow given this isn’t my normal cuppa, but if I ignored that part to a degree it wasn’t that different from how the story would have unfolded if he had been human, and just a defense engineer (or similar). Thankfully he looked just like a normal person, except hotter. If that hadn’t been the case I would not have been able to get past it. Okay, he was really strong. Got it… possessive alpha characters usually are. He had access to unusual technology. Again, not uncommon for possessive alphas who, as of the last few years, seem to have a tendency to microchip their captives (sorry- I meant “romantic interests”) and have their entire compounds wired for spying (I mean “security related video and sound monitoring”) on their “romantic interests.” I realize that my use of quotation marks indicates that I scoff at these aspects of story, but obviously I am reading them, so… no. I admit that OTT possessive alpha characters are my jam. Even if they are a bit stalker-y. Maybe even more so if they are a bit stalker-y.
Okay, DEFINITELY more so if they are a bit stalker-y. There must be something wrong with me.
Anyway, all I’m saying is that a person who is normally completely uninterested in books of this genre may want to give this a chance if they are otherwise a Zaires fan.
I do not see myself reading anything else from this genre, but I plan to finish this series. Because, Zaires. I’d read her grocery list if she published it.

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For college student Mia Stalis, the invaders—the beautiful, mysterious Krinar—are only stories on the news. Rumors about them abound: about their impossible strength and speed, their intentions toward Earth… their vampiric tendencies. None of it concerns her, though—until she catches Korum’s eye.

Powerful and terrifyingly seductive, the Krinar leader will stop at nothing to possess her. Helplessly drawn to her magnetic captor, Mia is plunged into the dangerous, secretive world of the Ks and forced to choose between truth and lies, her people and her lover… her freedom and her heart.

Published by Amanda Marie

Compulsive reader. Romantic suspense/contemporary romance/dark romance/NA romance addict. Particularly fond of mafia, forced/arranged marriage, secret baby, kidnapping, and dark alpha heroes. Just out here doing my part for humanity- these books won't read themselves.

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