Old Flame: Dante’s Story (Morelli Family #8)

Old Flame: Dante's Story (Morelli Family, #8)

Old Flame: Dante’s Story by Sam Mariano

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

She did it again

Gah, this series. I was so glad to read at the end that the author intends to release several other spin-off books, followed by a second generation series. I can’t get enough of these Morellis, especially Mateo.
I loved this book, as I always love Sam Mariano books. Her characters are smart, often witty, and the men are often either crazy (okay, most are crazy), or dry and unamused (Adrian, Dante). And I love them for it. I enjoy the banter between the characters that piss each other off. I enjoy the exchanges between the gruff men and the only women who ever see their respective softer sides. I love the way the author takes what I THINK is going to happen, and flips a 180 on me.
Also, it needs to be said: Mariano talks about the Morelli trap in her books. The trickery. I think in reality it is a MARIANO trap/trickery. How else does one explain the way she gets us to think these dastardly men are so appealing? Because, dammit, they sure are.
I admit I struggled with Dante’s character. His lack of remorse about his “business ventures” was teetering on the edge of too far. Probably a bit over it for me, honestly. When he brought Colette to Luca’s house and expected her to be cool with what was happening there… (shake my head). That would have been a wrap for me. Hard limit. Maybe at some point in the future books something may trigger him to actually feel bad about his past actions for the first time ever. (I did not forget that he apologized to Colette- I just agree that it was the worst apology ever. And I don’t think it really counts.)
Anyway, I must have something wrong with me in the head because I LOVE a good kidnapping component in my dark reads. Kidnapping? Oh mama, keep talking… Unwilling captivity? Yep, you know what I like… Head games and mind f*ckery? Sign me up!… Over-the-top possessive crazy-pants men that you can’t escape? . Listen, I have a type, okay? And that type is Sam Mariano’s anti-heroes. Swoon.
I loved this book, but found Dante right on the edge of not likable. Is his personality likable? Yes. Are his misdeeds forgivable? Ummm…
Still- recommended as always! I do agree that this book, though a standalone, really MUST be read after the preceding books in the Morelli series. You won’t enjoy it nearly as much if you read them out of order. Also, why wouldn’t you want to formally meet Mateo? Have mercy, that man.
Do I stalk this author on ALL social media? Yep. When I found her did I tear through her back catalog of books like a starving woman at a buffet? Sure did (and so should you). Is “obsessed” too harsh of a word? I mean, maybe… it sounds kind of negative.
Love this book. Love this author. Love this series.

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You’ve met the Morelli family, now delve into the love story of Mateo’s callous brother, Dante Morelli…

Loving Dante was my original sin. They warned me of the slippery slope, the moral corruption, the outright debasement of the Morelli family. They warned me not to get involved. Not to love him.

I didn’t listen.
I thought I would be his saving grace.
I was a fool.

Once upon a time, Dante Morelli was the source of my happiness, the powerful embrace which would always keep me safe and loved.
Now, Dante Morelli is the source of every moment of pain, every moment of grief, every heart-breaking moment of my young life.

Once, his love was my lifeblood.
Now, his love is my prison.

Once, I thought it might kill me to leave him.
Now, I know he will never let me go.

Warnings: Dark romance. Bad guy hero. This is a comprehensive series, so you’ll have a MUCH better time with Dante’s story if you have read the entire Morelli family series first. The author does NOT recommend trying to read this book as a standalone if you have not read the previous Morelli family series books. The Morelli story begins in ACCIDENTAL WITNESS, not Dante’s book.

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Compulsive reader. Romantic suspense/contemporary romance/dark romance/NA romance addict. Particularly fond of mafia, forced/arranged marriage, secret baby, kidnapping, and dark alpha heroes. Just out here doing my part for humanity- these books won't read themselves.

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