Truth or Dare (The Dominator, #2)

Truth or Dare (The Dominator, #2)

Truth or Dare by D.D. Prince

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So far a thoroughly enjoyable series!

Why can’t I get enough of mafia-type, over-the-top possessive crazy men? Sigh. Perhaps there is no cure. In the meantime, indie dark romance authors can unite in victory as I am certainly not the only one with this affliction.
I definitely enjoyed this book even in light of the horrific subject matter that makes up Angel’s past. I also liked that we got to “see” so much of Tommy and Tia, even getting sections in their points of view. Loved it! And I was so glad to see that Tommy has calmed down a little with regard to how he treats Tia from how he was in the first book. Because I kind of wanted to punch him in the taint, consequences be damned. I’m still mad for Tia about Vegas.
Anyhoo, back to this book. I really enjoyed getting to know Dario and Angel, and I thought the author did an awesome job with all of the secondary characters as well. From the people at Kruna (who also need punched in the taint at the very least) to the friends to the people from the characters’ pasts, I really felt like they were fleshed out enough that I could have noticed behavior that would have been at odds with their characters. This is expected with the main characters obviously, but I find it to be less common with lesser characters.
Even the descriptions of the different locations visited in the story are complete enough to give me a good visual in my head. I felt like I could “see” the barn loft at the farm.
This author does so well creating villains. I hated Cleo, and I hope she catches her karma before it’s all over. I hated the men whose actions resulted in Angel’s disappearance. Even the main villain from her past. Man, Angel has had a hard go of it.
I thought the handling of the mental and emotional issues being experienced by several of the characters was progressive and realistic. Burying problems doesn’t make them go away. Love doesn’t magically fix PTSD. And I’m glad this book didn’t try to make that a thing.
This book did fall prey to some word usage errors, and a couple of instances where the point of view for a section was incorrectly named, but certainly nothing to put me off of reading it. I could see myself rereading this series for sure. And I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this series.

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If you liked The Dominator you’ll want to read the story of Dario Ferrano falling in love. Dario is Tommy’s younger brother and after seeing his brother fall in love Dare’s new motto is MAN WHORE NO MORE!
***This story is told in multiple POVs and also updates you on Tommy & Tia with several T&T chapters!***

Dare wants his own happily ever after.
But after Dare comes home from his brother’s wedding and celebrates his 25th birthday he gets a posthumous gift from his father, one that’ll change the course of his life.
Before my father died he arranged for my brother to get married, gifted him with a girl. After I saw the impact of that girl on my brother’s life I joked with him that I wanted a mail-order bride for my upcoming birthday, joked about it with emotions about my now sister-in-law that I should not EVER have been feeling.

My father joked back that he was already shopping around and would find me a perfect fit. At least I’d thought he’d been joking. But when I got home from my brother’s wedding I found out that before Pop died he had gotten that ball rolling. He’d gotten things rolling in a way that could not be stopped and that was going to be a problem. A messy problem.
See, my Pop was deeply involved in a human trafficking ring, one of the many involvements he’d neglected to tell me and my brother about as he prepared us to take over the family business. We never knew that what he’d had in mind for us was just the top skim off a cesspool of filth he’d been too happy to be wading in. We had suspicions but we had no clue just how filthy it truly was.

A little less than two months before my birthday he had asked me what I wanted in a bride.
“What’s on your wish list, son?” Pop asked.
“Beautiful. Redhead. But she has to want what I want from life. She has to have an insatiable sexual appetite but want kids and a picket fence, too.”
“How about if she’s all those things because she does exactly what you tell her to do? How about if she’s been schooled in all the ways to please a man in and out of the bedroom?”
“That’s too good to be true, Pop. Too bad such a woman does not exist.” I’d laughed it off and our conversation got cut short.

I’d always wanted a wife and kids. I wanted the picket fence and enough kids to start my own soccer team. But when I caught my fiancée cheating on me with the DJ we’d hired for our wedding my heart went cold and what my sister dubbed my ‘man whore years’ began.
After seeing Tommy’s life change because of falling in love I decided that maybe it was time to open my mind up to the possibilities of connecting with someone again beyond a one night stand. But when I got home from my brother’s wedding, ready to start the massive job of cleaning up the family business so that I could move on with my life and think about finding my own happily ever after I found out that Pop had already ordered my mail order bride. And I couldn’t cancel that order.

She’s waiting for me to pick her up in Bangkok. She’s been told she has been sold and is going back to North America. She’s about to turn 23, she’s a beautiful redhead, and she’s been in captivity for 2 years. There’s no way I can accept this gift, keep a woman who was bought for me. I need to pick her up and set her free. Don’t I?

Explicit sex scenes. Profanity. Dark themes.
This book’s heroine is a sex slave that gets rescued. She’s broken. The book does not spend chapter after chapter describing her abuse in detail but be warned that there is some explicit content related to her memories.

Reading The Dominator first is highly recommended.

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