Stalk Her

Stalk Her

Stalk Her by Ker Dukey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Short, but delightfully different

Well, I can honestly say I did not see that ending coming. But it was perfect.
I was delighted by not only the depravity/craziness of Erik, but also the way that Alice is dark and depraved in her own way. I liked the secondary characters as well, particularly Asher and Ebony. And the way that Erik dealt with two of the characters that he wanted gone by way of one action was pure evil genius. Diabolical. I loved it. My dark little heart clapped in glee.
Recommended for something a little different! A quick read with no cliffhanger.

Review written: June 2019

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(A collection of standalone novella sized, dark reads.)

Ever get that feeling you’re being watched?
You probably are.
Her sad eyes.
Her thick lips.
Her long dark hair.
Her quickening of breath.
Her hurried footsteps.
Her undiluted fear.
The anxiety a woman has when she knows she’s being followed does something to the sadistic animal inside me.
We all have issues, mine just run a little deeper than most.
My sister and I had a childhood tarnished by an abusive parent.
We grew up two very different breeds of our mother’s creation.
Then I discover the beautiful, yet broken, Alice Young.
She’s seeking advice, a place to unburden her thoughts.
What she gets is a dangerous, callous predator who wants to quench his thirst with her tears.
My precious, Alice, feels so alone, but she’s not alone.
I’m watching her.
I feed on the fear of others.
Alice Young may prove to be too damaged, even for my appetite.

Published by Amanda Marie

Compulsive reader. Romantic suspense/contemporary romance/dark romance/NA romance addict. Particularly fond of mafia, forced/arranged marriage, secret baby, kidnapping, and dark alpha heroes. Just out here doing my part for humanity- these books won't read themselves.

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