The Dark Knight Part Two

The Dark Knight Part Two

The Dark Knight Part Two by L.F. Piper

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A satisfying end

This book, while still suffering from some of the word usage issues of this first book, seems to be edited much better (and thus there is less detracting from the story).
I found this book to be much better than first, which might sound odd since it is a continuation of the same story. The characters’ behavior seemed less sophomoric and more believable. I liked that we saw some redemption by characters who had wronged Emilia in the first book. She deserved a break.
I was happy with the ending, and glad to see more than one epilogue, giving us a glimpse into the future for these characters.
Overall, a worthy bully read.

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Something has happened, and I have to go back. Back there. That place bordering Hell.

Being back in my real home, the UK, has been incredible. Grandma Violet has fed me like she’s about to flog me at the local farmers’ market, Phoebe has been her usual drama llama self, and Nate has filled my tummy with hearts and flowers, gooeyness and butterflies. Sigh. He’s just too dreamy.

But now the time has come. I’m leaving for that dreaded plane, that place. Those people. I didn’t think it would happen so soon—a whole week early in fact!

I’m not sure what I expected from summer break, but it sure wasn’t this.

She left me. She actually left me without a single word. I’ll make sure she regrets it as soon as I see her face again. I think… I might actually miss her.

I told her to stay away a hundred different ways. I have plans. Caleb and I have plans. There is no room for Emilia in our plans. The stupid girl shouldn’t have come back.

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