Spark (Stronger Series #3)

Spark (Stronger, #3)

Spark by Jay Marie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Excellent series

As with the other books in this series, don’t go looking here for romance-you won’t find it. This is not a dark romance. I’ve seen it described as an erotic thriller, and I have to agree that is a better description. There are hot sexy times, but that is not to say that’s what all of them are. The male main character in this book/series is unforgivably cruel to the female main character. I don’t see there being a possibility for redemption there. I don’t anticipate an HEA involving those two being together. EDIT: the author has gone on record to state that this series is not intended to be a dark romance- it is an erotic thriller, or similar. Point being, this is not a romance series.
That said, if you go into this with your eyes wide open to the idea that it is not a romance of any kind, then it is an excellent book/series. The author really captures the emotions and viewpoints of the different characters. You feel Jaden’s fear, and Darren’s rage. For that matter you also feel Jaden’s rage. As with the other books this one made me sad. It upset me. It made me sick. It bothered me to a degree that I can’t stop thinking about it. And I am pretty sure that is the author’s point. She isn’t painting a pretty, fake Stockholm Syndrome picture a la dark romance. She is peeling back the mottled veneer and showing what is underneath. The beatings, the rape, the degradation. The control, the hopelessness, the loss of self. It is heartbreaking to read. And it is disturbing to know that, though this story is fictional, this situation is happening all over the world. Women are being kidnapped, and bought/sold by malicious people who capitalize on the evil of others in pursuit of the almighty dollar. They trick these women, kidnap them, etc. and then rip their lives away to sentence them to a fate that is oftentimes worse than death. I’m getting nauseous writing this review.
Again, this is an excellent book, and an excellent series. It is very dark material, and readers need to understand that before cracking it open. Understand it contains horrifying subject matter, and it is not a dark romance.
With that disclaimer in mind, I 100% recommend this book/series to those who have the stomach for it.

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There are not enough words to describe my internal torment. I knew there would be consequences for what I did. I knew this would be hard. But it’s so much harder than I ever want to admit. Physically broken, mentally drained, and legally dead, I now find myself wasting away on an island in the middle of the Bahamas. Darren has left me in isolation for my own recovery and the only thing I can be grateful for is the fact that my isolation includes him. But I know he won’t be able to stay away for long. Eventually he’ll be back to reclaim what’s his and remind me of all the things I hate about him. How he’s able to twist fear with pleasure to create the most destructive combination, how it rushes through my blood and simmers under my skin, making me come alive and burn for more. Sometimes I don’t know who I hate more, him or myself? After everything that’s happened, after everything I’ve allowed myself to feel, I deserve a little self-hatred. I can feel my will to continue fighting diminishing, the fire in my heart barely more than embers, but I promised Jason I would find him. I promised my family I would find a way back to them. Darren may own me, but he doesn’t own my intentions. And even though he may have broken my body, he will never break my will to survive. I’ll find a way. Somehow, I’ll find my way out of the dark, even if it’s with the tiniest little spark. 

Nothing plagues my mind more than that goddamn, stubborn ass redhead. Too often, I find myself thinking of nothing else, and no matter how many miles I put between us to focus on my work, Jaden still finds a way to kick the damn door down and pull me under. I may not have been able to keep her out of my head, but I was able to keep her hidden away on my private island in the Bahamas. I wanted to ensure her recovery would remain uninterrupted from other potential distractions. It would be pretty tough to escape from an island in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by guards with broken bones and a broken ego. Jaden wasn’t going anywhere, not this time, not until I was ready to take her back with me. She had a lot to prove until then. I knew she was more than physically damaged. Her confidence in herself shattered the night I crushed her in my arms and I had a feeling it was going to take a lot of inner strength for her to put it back together. But that was the one thing I knew she had a never-ending supply of. Her strength was admirable and I was confident she’d find it again. I just had to make sure it lacked one thing when we eventually returned home – her desire to kill me. There were two ways I could accomplish that – positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement. I suppose the technique would depend on Jaden’s ability to adapt, but knowing her, I was going to have to fight this at every angle … and didn’t I always love a good fight. 

WARNING: Contains disturbing content that may be offensive to some readers. 

*NOTE: For every book that is sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity that benefits victims of human trafficking.*

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