Hearts On Fire (The Santiago Trilogy Book 3)

Hearts On Fire by Catherine Wiltcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I LOVED this book. I LOVED this trilogy. I am so bummed that Eve and Dante’s story has come to an end, but so thrilled that we can look for another book from this world this fall! The author has announced that Rick Sanders is getting his own book, and I couldn’t be more excited! Well, unless Joseph gets his own book. THAT might get me more excited.
In any case, this book has it all. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what was going to happen next. Would they find Anna? Would she be alive? Can Petrov be trusted? How about agent Peters? Would they solve the mystery of Isabella? I had so many questions, and thankfully got all of my answers.
I also loved the chemistry between Eve and Dante. He is so gruff- I just loved the bejesus out of it. And Eve, though well out of her comfort zone, really stands up to Dante. She has an impressive inner strength- she stood in the face of her fear, and stared it down. Nothing stopped her.
This the first series by this author, and I am so overly excited about it. I can’t wait for more!

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HEARTS ON FIRE is the final book in bestselling author Catherine Wiltcher’s dark and thrilling Santiago Trilogy. 

My Devil 
He came into my life like a raging storm. 
The man I despised. 
The killer with no conscience. 
I fell as hard as a woman like me can fall. 
When he bleeds, I feel his pain. When we kiss, I taste his tragedy. When he kills, my heart is stained with all the colors of his vengeance. 

My Angel 
In the heat of the night we loved hard and became one. 
I was the captor who became the captivated. 
Her light was a blazing trail, illuminating the bullet holes that studded my darkness. 
I betrayed but she forgave. 
Now we’re standing on the threshold of hell and everyone around us is burning. 

Trust no one. 
Seek the truth. 
Deliver justice. 

We have no choice but to finish this war… Together. 

Published by Amanda Marie

Compulsive reader. Romantic suspense/contemporary romance/dark romance/NA romance addict. Particularly fond of mafia, forced/arranged marriage, secret baby, kidnapping, and dark alpha heroes. Just out here doing my part for humanity- these books won't read themselves.

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